Planning an Event


Why Partner to Celebrate Preservation Week? strengthen community reach new audiences—increase participation inspire others Potential Partners libraries museums and historical societies university, business, or other archives K–12 schools or classrooms graduate library or museum studies programs local businesses collector’s groups community organizations Tips for Successful Partnerships Don’t begin by asking for money. Start small; build …

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Family Treasures

For Preservation Week and throughout the Year We ask all institutions to do one thing in their community to celebrate Preservation Week, even if the action or activity is small. Good programming takes time but not necessarily lots of money. Preserving Family Treasures—Discussion and Advice from Local Experts Two-hour program, best if samples available. Invite …

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Use any of these files to enhance materials for your Preservation Week event. Official Logos and Images Preservation Week 2022 logo (PNG) Preservation Week 2022 web banner (PNG) Preservation Week 2022 Honorary Chair poster (PDF) Handouts Quick Preservation Tips: Take the First Step (PDF) Official Preservation posters and bookmarks from ALA Graphics Quick Preservation Tips: …

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Event Ideas

Preservation Week Events Explore different ideas for a preservation-themed event your institution can host: Easy and low-cost ideas Focus on family treasures Inspiration for potential partners

Quick Start Guide

Event Planning Guide This list of relatively small and easy steps will help make planning a part of your Preservation Week activity. Some steps may not apply to some activities—if not, skip them. For example, you won’t need a planning committee or coordinator if you put a banner on your home page with a link …

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