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Brad Meltzer

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New York Times best-selling author, television host, and library advocate Brad Meltzer served as the 2016 Preservation Week Honorary Chair.   

As the author of more than 20 books and the host of the History Channel’s series “Brad Meltzer’s Lost History,” Meltzer has been a supporter of efforts to safeguard and reclaim our nation’s history.  As Honorary Chair, Meltzer will be featured in print and digital Preservation Week promotional materials and audio PSAs and participate in media interviews.

Brad Meltzer is the No. 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Inner Circle, The Book of Fate, The Fifth Assassin, The President’s Shadow, and a number of other bestselling thrillers. In addition to his fiction, Brad is one of the only authors ever to have books on the bestseller list for Non-Fiction (History Decoded, Heroes for My Son,  and Heroes for My Daughter),  Children’s Books (I Am Amelia Earhart and I Am Abraham Lincoln) and even comic books (Justice League of America, for which he won the prestigious Eisner Award).          

Meltzer also hosted Brad Meltzer’s “Lost History” on H2 and “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” on the History Channel.

Raised in Brooklyn and Miami, Meltzer is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Columbia Law School.

Brad Meltzer, with the help of the tech savvy library staff at the Broward County (Fla.) Public Library, made recordings of public service announcements for Preservation Week 2016. There are also posters and a bookmark with tips on caring for comic books, which can be downloaded.

Brad Meltzer PSAs for Preservation Week 2016

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Brad Meltzer Posters and Bookmark for Preservation Week 2016

Brad Meltzer

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PDF File (Tips for Caring for Comic Books bookmark) 

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