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Past Webinars

Find recordings of past years’ free webinars below. We encourage libraries to use any of these recordings as part of their programming.

Digital Preservation’s Impact on the EnvironmentLinda Tadic2022
How to Implement Sustainability in your FacilityChristopher Cameron2022
Collecting and Preserving after TragedyWhitney Broadaway2021
Introduction to Community Archiving Workshop (CAW)Marie Lascu2021
Using Oral History to Tell your Family StoriesDaniel Horowitz Garcia2020
Community Archiving Strategies for Oral HistoryNatalie Milbrodt2020
Caring for Family KeepsakesDenise May Levenick2019
Preserving your Family HistoryKenyatta D. Berry2019
Preserving Family RecipesValerie J. Frey2018
Densho Digital Repository: Preserving Community MemoryGeoff Froh and Sara Beckman2018
Preservation Week: Caring for your TextilesDonia Conn2017
Preservation Week: Care & Handling of Heritage Textile CollectionsJane Hammond2017
Preserving your Digital LifeKrista White & Isaiah Beard2016
From Cassette to Cloud: Reformatting AudiotapeKrista White2016
Disaster Response Q&ANancy E. Kraft2015
Digital Preservation for Individuals and Small GroupsMike Ashenfelder2015
Moving Image PreservationSiobhan C. Hagan2015
How to Host a Preservation Week EventDonia Conn2014
Low-cost Ways to Preserve Family ArchivesKaren E. K. Brown2014
Preserving ScrapbooksMelissa Tedone2014
Hosting a Personal Digital Archiving Day EventErin Engle2013
Personal Digital ArchivingMike Ashenfelder2013
Archival 101: Dealing with Suppliers of Archival ProductsPeter D. Verheyen2013
Taking Care: Family TextilesBronwyn Eves2012
Preserving your Personal Digital PhotographsBill LeFurgy2012
Accidents Happen: Protecting & Saving Family TreasuresNancy E. Kraft2011
Protecting Future Access Now: Models for Preserving Digitized Books and Other Content at Cultural Heritage OrganizationsAmy Kirchoff2011
Preserving your Personal Digital MemoriesBill LeFurgy2011
Archival 101Peter D. Verheyen2010
Mold Prevention and RemediationMichele Brown2010
Disaster PreparednessNancy E. Kraft2010
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