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Preservation Week: Caring for Your Textiles

Tuesday, 4/26/2017
1:00-2:00pm CT
Cost: Free

Whether it’s grandma’s wedding dress, a box of military uniforms, or a heirloom quilt, many of us have textiles in our homes that we care deeply about. Preserving these materials can be a challenge due to their materials, size, or condition. This webinar will offer an introduction to different physical characteristics and fibers and hazards faced by these items. A discussion of cleaning and storage techniques that are appropriate for home care will equip you to make good decisions so that your treasured textiles last.

This webinar is intended for individuals with personal collections of textiles. It was developed by the Preservation Week subcommittee of the Preservation Outreach committee to offer a programming opportunity for public libraries to share with their patrons.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this webinar will come away with:

  • Basic knowledge of the physical characteristics of various textiles
  • An understanding of the challenges to preserving their textiles
  • Practical techniques for safe cleaning and storage of valued personal items like wedding dresses, uniforms, and quilts

Who Should Attend

This Preservation Week webinar is intended to provide a programming opportunity for public libraries to share with their patrons.


Donia Conn is a book and paper conservator as well as an independent preservation and collection care consultant with over 20 years of experience, including 10 years of experience in instruction. She is also adjunct faculty for the Simmons College School of Library and Information Science. Donia is a Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC). She earned her BA in Mathematics from St. Olaf College and her MLIS with Advanced Certificate in Conservation from the University of Texas- Austin. Previously, Donia has worked for the Northeast Document Conservation Center, Northwestern University, and Syracuse University.

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