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Disaster Response Q&A

Tuesday, 5/1/2015
1:00-2:00pm CT
Cost: Free

Once a disaster strikes, the knee-jerk reaction is to rush in and save everything, but racing in without advance planning puts collections at risk of more damage and staff at risk of injury.

Attendees at this 2015 webinar submitted questions in advance through an online form and brought them to the webinar. Topics covered reflect the interests of participants and cover disaster response, including assessment and planning, working with vendors and volunteers, handling public relations, and managing collection salvage.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn strategies to manage a disaster situation and methods for collection salvage.

Who Should Attend

Anyone This session is geared towards librarians and others working with collections, but anyone with an interest is encouraged to attend.


Nancy E Kraft is the Head of Preservation & Conservation at the University of Iowa Libraries. Kraft has assisted in many disaster recoveries, large and small. Kraft is active in ALA and is a Board Member of the US Committee of the Blue Shield, a nonprofit organization committed to the protection of cultural property worldwide during armed conflict.

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