Guides & Videos

These guides and videos feature information about the many aspects of collections care, both in straightforward and humorous ways.

How to Sew Pamphlet and Music Binders (from Archival Products)  |  on YouTube

How to Use Four Flap Enclosures (from Archival Products)  |  on YouTube

Practical Digital Preservation Training for Libraries (from Preservica)  |  on YouTube

Affordable digital preservation for libraries and museums Free guide on ensuring your digital content and collections are safe and accessible for future generations.

Collections Care Videos British Library: A series of short videos on the best ways to handle books, folded items, rolled items, archival material, prints, drawings, photographs, and other formats.

Field Guide to Emergency Response American Institute for Conservation: Supplementary videos provide guidance on dealing with damage from water, mold, mud, bleeding dyes, corrosion, soot and ash, broken objects, pests, and hazardous materials in museums, libraries and archives with practical tips that may be of value to the layperson for use at home.

The FUNdamentals of Book Care in 5 Easy Lessons George Mason University Libraries: A lighthearted reminder to students to take care of printed materials they use in the library.

Preservation Faux Pas: Kansas State University Library A short, amusing review of “do’s and don’ts” to keep in mind when using print materials, done in a silent movie style.

Murder in the Stacks Sherlock Holmes deduces that a type of murder is being committed in libraries everyday.

Saving Your Treasures and more videos at Nebraska’s Treasures Saving Nebraska’s Treasures: Containing interviews with conservators and visits to various conservation labs, this informative 56-minute long video gives a good overview of the need for conservation with a variety of artifacts.

Digital Preservation and Nuclear Disaster Amusing short videos in which Digital Man outwits Team Chaos through the clever and necessary use of trusted digital repositories, metadata, refreshing storage media, and data migration.

Create a Time Capsule Family activities like making a time capsule are a great way to share memories and help children learn some science.

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