What is the best acid-free liner to use on an old lampshade?

I’m restoring this old German “Hold-to-Light” lampshade from my family and it needs an acid-free liner on the inside that will allow some light to pass through. I’m looking for any suggestions on what would be the best product for this application. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Thanks, Joe


Finding a thin acid-free, lignin-free paper that does not have a watermark is not easy. However, you could try an interleaving paper. You will want to call the seller to confirm that the paper does not have a watermark as this would be distracting in the lampshade. They may even be kind enough to send a sample.  

There are many acid-free, lignin-free papers to chose from but most are text weight or heavier and would not allow light to be transmitted easily, so if the interleaving paper doesn’t work, you can find many acid-free papers at Hollinger Metal Edge, Gaylor Archival, University Products, and Talas. Ask about watermarks and for a sample to make sure you are getting the light transmission you are looking for. Good luck with your project, and please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.